Countdown to mint date. Don't miss the opportunity to get your Croco!

How much do you know about crocodiles?

Before meeting Crocos Locos there are a few things you should know. Do not underestimate them! Crocodiles can have up to 3000 teeth throughout their entire life.

And if they bite you… Oh, friend! Being bitten by a crocodile is like putting 4050 kilograms on the palm of your hand.

Don’t run. Probably any of the 14 existing species will be faster, reaching 40 kilometers per hour. Not as fast as a Formula 1 car but longer indeed. There are crocodiles 7 meters long!¬†

And finally, don’t hide. The crocodile can seek you even celebrating his 70th birthday.

From this amazing animal we bring you this amazing collection: The Crocos Locos. Are you prepared?

The collection

This amazing collection is composed by 7181 unique hand-drawn crocos, all of them with their own story. Some of them are astronauts and others just enjoy drinking cocktails iN… somewhere

Unique Crocos



The Crocos Locos Launching 

Early this year The Crocos Locos will be available for those who dare.  All of them will be available for minting in this website. You should run and get yours before it is too late!

Inside the collection will be hidden some Legendary Crocos Locos, generated and tailored by us directly


crocos rarity table

Once each Croco Loco has its owner, we will make the rarity table available here. Time to check if you got the special one! But don’t you worry. All Crocos are unique and has its own story behind.


First croco prototype nft

We will tokenize the first hand-drawn prototype our amazing artist did of the Croco. The original. When it all started!

Only Crocos Holders will have access to this unique sale.


Owners designing

While Crocos Locos are running out, we will prepare the 2nd generation, but this is gonna be different! Each owner will have at their disposal an exclusive channel for Crocos Holders where, with our artist, they will decide and vote the new Crocos Locos species.

The ones with the most upvoted accessories  will be awarded with a Croco Loco NFT from the new collection.


Second generation crocos locos

All new features will be introduced for this new collection, including the accessories decided by the Crocos Holders.



You will hear more about this soon.

About Us

Ines croco


The artist



Co – Founder and Developer


Co – Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

The mint date will be mid February 2022

Minting an NFT is when your digital asset (your Croco) becomes part of the blockchain (for our Crocos, the Solana Network)

The Crocos are hand-drawn pieces made by our awesome artist

Price is still TBD. Will come with the release date

The supply of The Crocos Locos is 7000 unique pieces

The Crocos are gonna live on the Solana network, no gas fees!

There are a total of <presale spots>. Plenty have been given away already but there are still hundreds to claim. Make sure to follow our Twitter and join our Discord.

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